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GSID Mini-Residency 2018 “International TMD Camp”

9/14 July 2018 – Marina di Carrara 

Monday, July 9th
12.30   Lunch together
14.30   Antoon De Laat                      Framing TMD: from occlusion to orofacial pain

Tuesday, July 10th
09.00   Daniele Manfredini    Back to the bases: Stomatognathic Physiology and TMJ imaging
14.30   Hands-on course (reading TMJ imaging – Magnetic Resonance) – Tutor: Manfredini

Wednesday, July 11th
09.00   Michail Koutris          Clinical assessment: the DC/TMD guidelines
12.00   Daniele Manfredini    Psyche and pain
14.30   Hands-on course on patients (clinical assessment and diagnosis)- Tutors: Manfredini-Bracci-Koutris

Thursday, July 12th
09.00   Daniele Manfredini    Principles of management
14.30   Hands-on course on patients (delivering oral appliances) – Tutors: Manfredini-Guarda Nardini
17.00   Hands-on course on patients (live surgery: TMJ arthrocentesis) – Tutor: Guarda Nardini

Friday, July 13th
09.00   Daniele Manfredini    Prosthodontic planning in TMD patients
11.00   Marzia Segù               TMJ disorders in adolescence: an orthodontic dilemma?
14.30   Hands-on course on patients (TMD and the youngsters) – Tutors: Manfredini-Segù

Saturday, July 14th
09.00   Jari Ahlberg                Bruxism – moving on from consensus 2.0
14.30   Hands-on course (Selected reading of scientific literature on TMD and bruxism) – Tutors: Manfredini-Ahlberg

Daniele Manfredini – University of Siena, Italy
Jari Ahlberg – University of Helsinki, Finland
Alessandro Bracci – University of Padova, Italy
Antoon De Laat – University of Leuven, Belgium
Luca Guarda-Nardini – University of Padova, Italy
Michalis Koutris – ACTA Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Marzia Segù – University of Pavia, Italy

Admission criteria and registration fees
The course is reserved to owners of a University Degree in Dentistry or higher academic/professional titles. The expected level of acquired knowledge is Post-Graduate/Master of Science.

Admission fee is as follows:

  • 2200 euro (VAT included) for GSID former students
  • 2200 euro (+VAT 22%) for registrations before February 28th, 2018
  • 2800 euro (+VAT 22%) after February 28th, 2018
  • 180 euro (+VAT 22%) for single lessons (not available for hands-on lessons from Tuesday to Friday)

Full course fee comprises:

  • Lessons handouts
  • Light lunch breaks
  • Gala dinner on Friday evening

The full Mini-Residency program is reserved to a maximum of 20 participants (minimum of 12).

Lessons will be given in English as the main language.

Benefits for Residents

  • Certification of attendance
  • Certification of Active Membership on behalf of the Italian Study Group on Craniomandibular Disorders
  • Free Admission to future single-lesson updates

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