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GSID Summer School “International TMD Camp”

5/10 July 2021 – Marina di Carrara (hybrid on site/online program)


Camp Presentation

The challenge for the Summer School of the Italian Study Group on Orofacial Pain and Temporomandibular Disorders (GSID)is to educate a master class of alumni under both clinical and research aspects. In this fourth edition, an international faculty (hundreds of medline papers and decades of clinical experience will be on the desk summing up the works of all teachers) and participants from all over the world are going to interact for a widespread diffusion of clinical knowledge and for designing future researches in the field of bruxism and temporomandibular disorders.

As the scientific coordinator, I will never forget the first editions, with the ending moments that define them at a glance: new friends who, despite the flight schedules and their willingness to rejoin their loved ones, almost begged for some extra time!

An entire Monday-to-Saturday week, with super-teachers delving deep into the TMD and bruxism practice, is the best available option to see how actually easy is the “truth” in a field that is often perceived as unnecessarily complicated.

During the theoretical lectures and the interactive discussions, participants will learn the TMJ anatomy, summarize the clinical guidelines of the DC/TMD, read MRIs, talk about the prosthodontic and orthodontic implications in TMD patients, approach the multiple-P treatment framework, discuss the behind the scenes of the bruxism consensus papers, increase their basic research knowledge.

Hands-on sessions on patients, also featuring some first visit assessments, will reinforce the concept that TMDs are primarily conditions due to an emotional-driven muscle overload of the stomatognathic system, in which a host response determines the different clinical features and time frame of first onset. With about 20 patients “live”, receiving or controlling oral appliances, undergoing arthrocentesis, and/or being counseled, it is hard to imagine how to give and receive more.

The inaugural keynote lecture by Antonio Romero Garcia on the need to framework temporomandibular disorders within the spectrum of orofacial pains, the invaluable clinical research expertise of Michail Koutris and his comments on the DC/TMD guidelines, and the “icing on the cake” final day talk on the international guidelines for bruxism assessment will be for sure some of the defining moments of this 2021 edition. And what about the GSID-exclusive live TMJ arthrocentesis with Luca Guarda Nardini, the master of the technique?

And then again: Alessandro Bracci, the father of cognitive approaches to awake bruxism; Anna Colonna, on the way to new discoveries in the field of dental sleep medicine; Carlo Poggio, the great all-around expert and world-renowned prostho teacher; Ricardo Dias, the perfect alumni to summarize the post-course experience; Matteo Tresoldi, the ideal tutor to learn reading TMJ imaging; Marzia Segù, the nice combination specialist for orthodontics and orofacial pain…a great team to translate research and theory into practice.

In the end, the “plus” – the definition, for those who are interested, of individual research projects in the field of bruxism and TMDs, under my supervision…

I guess there is enough to define a one-and-only educational program in dentistry. I’ll be really looking forward to meet you for another GSID STEP (Sharing, Teaching, Education, Peer-to-Peer) experience…and to deliver our main “teaching”: when easy things seem complicated, change teachers, and choose the ones who WALK THE TALK!

Waiting for you in Marina di Carrara, Italy, from July 5th to 10th, 2021!

Daniele Manfredini


Monday, July 5th

11.30               Welcome meeting and Lunch together

14.30-15.30    Daniele Manfredini                Temporomandibular disorders today

Keynote Guest Lecture (online)

15.30-18.00    Antonio Romero Garcia         A glimpse to orofacial pains

Tuesday, July 6th

9.00-13.00      Daniele Manfredini                TMJ anatomy and imaging

Hands-on course (tutors: Matteo Tresoldi – Daniele Manfredini)

14.30-18.00    How to read a Magnetic Resonance of the TMJ – from patients to images

Wednesday, July 7th

Keynote guest lecture (online)

9.00-13.00      Michail Koutris                      Clinical assessment of OFP: ICOT, DC/TMD and beyond

Hands-on course (tutors: Alessandra Zani – Daniele Manfredini)

14.30-18.00    How to evaluate the TMD patient – from history to diagnosis

Thursday, July 8th

9.00-13.00      Daniele Manfredini                Principles of temporomandibular disorders management

Hands-on course (tutor: Daniele Manfredini)

14.30-16.00    Oral appliances – from impressions to delivery and follow up

Keynote guest hands-on course

16.00-18.00    Luca Guarda Nardini             Live TMJ arthrocentesis

Friday, July 9th

9.00-11.00      Carlo Poggio   (online)           Prosthodontic planning and the TMJ…centric relation???

11.00-12.30    Marzia Segù    (online)           TMJ disorders and orthodontics in adolescence

12.30-13.00    Ricardo Dias   (online)           Clinical cases – my experience after the Summer School

Hands-on course (tutors: Anna Colonna/Daniele Manfredini)

14.30-18.00    TMD, orthodontics, and the youngsters

Saturday, July 10th

Keynote lecture

9.00-13.00      Daniele Manfredini                Bruxism – STAB guidelines preview (with Alessandro Bracci)

Hands-on course (Tutors: Alessandro Bracci/Anna Colonna/Daniele Manfredini)

14.30-16.30    How to plan a research and write a scientific paper


Daniele Manfredini – Siena, Italy

Michalis Koutris – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Antonio Romero Garcia – Valencia, Spain

Alessandro Bracci – Padova, Italy

Anna Colonna – Ferrara, Italy

Ricardo Dias – Coimbra, Portugal

Luca Guarda-Nardini – Treviso, Italy

Carlo Poggio – Milano, Italy

Matteo Tresoldi – Siena, Italy

Marzia Segù – Pavia, Italy

Alessandra Zani – Padova, Italy


Course venues

Theoretical lectures: Port Authority, Viale Colombo 6, Marina di Carrara, Italy

Hands-on Sessions: GSID Educational Center, Via Ingolstadt 3, Marina di Carrara, Italy

Admission criteria and registration fees

The course is reserved to owners of a University Degree in Dentistry or higher academic/professional titles. The expected level of acquired knowledge is Post-Graduate/Master of Science.

Admission fee:

  • 2684 euro (2200 euro +VAT 22%) for registrations before February 28th, 2021
  • 3416 euro (2800 euro +VAT 22%) after February 28th, 2021

Full course fee comprises:

  • Lessons handouts
  • Coffee breaks
  • Social dinner on Friday evening

The full Mini-Residency program is reserved to a maximum of 20 participants (minimum of 12).

Lessons will be given in English as the main language.

Benefits for Residents

  • Certification of attendance
  • Certification of Ordinary Membership – Italian Study Group on Orofacial Pain and TMDs

Info and Registration

TMJ Class srl (+39 0585 630964): or