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Orofacial Pain Academy Channel




Daniele Manfredini and the whole speaker panel welcome you to the exclusive live webinar series “Orofacial Pain Academy Channel – Four seasons in orofacial pain”.

The dental profession is constantly facing new challenges concerning the different reasons for patients to seek advice. Amongst those, the different causes of orofacial pain are an argument that represents a hot topic in many fields of dental education. This incredible project will offer you a calendar-year long journey through the many facets of orofacial pain – four seasons, four main topics, twelve monthly appointments with outstanding teachers, under the direction of Daniele Manfredini (University of Siena, Italy). Each season has a scientific coordinator, who will introduce the three monthly live webinars and steer the discussion with the lecturers.


Within these premises, seasonal topics have been identified in:

  • Orofacial Pain
  • Temporomandibular Disorders
  • Sleep Dentistry
  • Bruxism

The project includes:

12 monthly live webinars, broadcasted on Monday Night Live at 9.30pm CET
Lifetime, on-demand access to all the recorded videos

Seasons and topics:

Orofacial Pain Season
January 10th, 2022 – Neuropathies of the trigeminal system (Steven Bender – US)
February 7th, 2022 – Primary headaches (Robert Mier – US)
March 7th, 2022 – Burning mouth syndrome (Gary Klasser – US)

Temporomandibular Disorders Season
April 4th, 2022 – Temporomandibular Disorders overview (Michail Koutris – NL)
May 9th, 2022 – Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (Per Alstergren – SW)
June 6th, 2022 – Muscle disorders (Daniele Manfredini – IT)

Sleep Season
July 4th, 2022 – Sleep and Pain (Antonio Romero Garcia – ES)
August 8th, 2022 – Sleep and Headaches (Davis Thomas – US)
September 5th, 2022 – Role of the dentist in dental sleep medicine (Thomas Bornhardt – CH)

Bruxism Season
October 3rd, 2022 – Bruxism Today (Frank Lobbezoo – NL)
November 7th, 2022 – Awake Bruxism (Alessandra Zani – IT)
December 5th, 2022 – Sleep Bruxism and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (Anna Colonna – ITA)


What you will learn and who you will learn from:

The most common non-dental causes of facial pain, from burning mouth syndrome to headaches via the neuropathic pains of the trigeminal system (Robert Mier, Tufts University and Gary Klasser, Louisiana State University, under the coordination of Steven Bender, Texas A&M)

The basic diagnostic considerations and the best management strategies for both articular and muscular disorders (Per Alstergren, University of Malmö and Daniele Manfredini, under the coordination of Michail Koutris, ACTA)

The role of dentistry within the field of sleep medicine, with focus on practical information for general dentists and how to recognise the main sleep conditions of dental interest, such as obstructive apnea (Davis Thomas, Rutgers University and Thomas Bornhardt, University de la Frontera, under the coordination of Antonio Romero Garcia, University of Valencia)

The current concepts on bruxism, from awake bruxism and its ecological momentary assessment to the multifaceted nature of sleep bruxism and its correlates (Frank Lobbezoo, ACTA; Alessandra Zani, University of Padova; Anna Colonna, University of Siena)

Who the course is for:

Any oral health specialist who wishes to get a deeper understanding of the many facets of orofacial pain, in terms of diagnosis and latest treatment strategies.


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